Data Integration

We integrate all your internal and external data sources to carve valuable features

Machine Learning

Intelligent data mapping and robust models for complete and accurate insights


We deliver insights you need about your customer, market, process and risk to grow

About SignalsHub

We accelerate your growth by leveraging advanced analytics knowledge blended with deep industry experience.

We provide AI powered solutions across your customer value chain.

  • Expertise in Insurance data and related statistical distributions
  • Readily deployable solutions for all the functions
  • Easy to interpret and explainable outcomes by business users

How We Work?

Business input is most important, we adopt a collaborative approach in defining problem statements.



Gather all sources of information, business, process and structured and unstructured data


Generate and present key insights, prioritize problem areas for further action


Recommend analytical solutions, build descriptive, predictive and prescriptive solutions

Explore Our Data Services

Data Driven Consulting

Analyse your current practices around data management, quality and completeness in tracking measure KPIs

Data Integration

Transform your unstructured and messy data into structured datasets, identify internal and external data sources and integrate these together

Machine Learning

We harness the power of machine learning in improving data quality and building highly predictive and explainable models

Computer Vision

SignalsHub working towards AI powered underwriting and claim assessment products


Deep dive into your portfolio and functions, generate key insights and develop interactive visualizations with slice and dice capabilities


We extract hidden and valuable information from unstructured text data