Data driven consulting and analytics services for global insurance and reinsurance industry

Founded by insurance industry veteran and data scientist, Signalshub exists to help you unlock your data to grow your business and enable digital transformation.

  • Expertise in all the functions of Insurance
  • Expertise in entire customer life cycle
  • Broad range of analytics solutions from traditional GLMs to advanced ML algorithms

Our Mission

To empower Insurers with all the insights they need about their process, agents, customer and risk, and be a loved partner in their growth

Our Vision

Imagine a world with transparent and equitable distribution of risk and filling the gap of insurance penetration across countries


Why Choose Us?

We believe in keeping things simple though impactful . Our focus is solely on applying decision science to transform insurance industry

Focused Approach

We invest our whole energy and resources in understanding Insurance industry and building AI driven solutions

Industry proven approach with machine learning implementation

Though we use modern machine learning algorithms, but they are as interpretable as traditional statistical algorithms

One stop solutions for all insurance transformation need

We have solutions for all the different functions of an insurance organisation