Raw data to impactful insights, each stage is powered by advanced tools and techniques

Data Integration

Connect and Cleanse all your data sources to unlock their value.

We use advanced data management and NLP techniques to integrate all the data sources to create a 360-degree view of the risk.

Created by H Alberto Gongorafrom the Noun Project


All the different type of transformations your data need, joining multiple data sources, creating additional features, and many more.

Any source schema

How good or messy your data is, we can help you structure all kind of data.

Machine learning

We apply advanced algorithms to enhance your data quality such as machine learning based missing value imputation.


Extract meaningful information from unstructured text and carving valuable features for ML models.

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Machine Learning

We harness the power of machine learning at every stage of digital transformation.

We understand that data quality is the foundation of a digital journey, we help in making this foundation stronger, followed by the equally strong remaining structure of decision making solutions such as predictive models and insights

Feature Engineering

Exploring and carving out important features using machine learning algorithms

Discover insights

We explore hidden insights and patterns in your data using advanced clustering techniques

Predictive Models

Expertise in building robust and explainable regression and classification models for each and every function of Insurance

Recommendation System

We help you in proactively targeting your existing and new customers through intelligent recommendations

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Build a 360 degree of view of your customer, market, process and risk.

We deep dive into your marketing, sales,  underwriting, claims and reserving data and shares insights to drive financial performance.

Portfolio 360

Querying insights becomes easier with integrated dataset This enables a quick reporting and visualization


We don’t just build dashboards, we narrate data stories through visualizations.


Full range of KPIs to monitor complete health check up of the organization

Self Explanatory

Self explanatory and easy to use out comes, interactive dashboards with slice and dice features .

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